How to Prepare Your Home for Renovation

Home renovation is hectic yet a fulfilling undertaking. Home improvements through renovation raise the value of your property. Therefore, if you are looking to resell, remodelling will fetch you a decent price. You can do most of the work yourself, or you can hire a contractor. Whether you are having the whole house renovated or a room, you need a plan. The plan will outline what goals you wish to accomplish and how to achieve them. You also need to prepare your home and your family for significant renovation. So how do you prepare your home for a renovation?

Have a Solid Plan

You can’t wake up one morning and call the contractor to start tearing the walls down. There are a lot of things you need to consider before diving into a remodelling project. You may need to consult an expert in your plan. You have to decide which rooms you plan to renovate and how it will affect life in your house. 

You need a budget since renovations are seldom cheap. Figure out a way to raise money for the project and ensure it is available before the work begins. If you don’t want to use your savings, cash-out a refinance. A refinance offers you money for renovation based on the value of your house. If you are hiring a contractor, seek out their opinion on your budget and make adjustments based on real figures that they will provide. 

If you are carrying out heavy demolition work, you may need a permit. Usually, a contractor will take care of the legal permits required. However, you need to double check if they are willing to get it. A detailed contract is vital to protect you and the contractor during the project. Ensure the contract is airtight and if something is missing, point it out before the remodelling starts. 

Decide Where You Will Stay During Renovations 

With the noise and the chaos during remodelling, you may be tempted to take a long vacation. As enticing as that idea is, you can’t up and go when a major project is taking place in your house. For starters who will supervise it? 

To make your life easier during a home renovation, reserve rooms for your family that aren’t part of the remodelling. You may have to book a hotel to stay the night if the noise is unbearable or the bathroom is under construction. 

You need to inform your kids about the work taking place in your home. Talk to them before the project and emphasise on the positive outcomes of a remodel. Go over safety precautions to ensure they don’t interfere with the remodelling. If you have pets, you need to organise for, or they can stay at a friend’s. Pets are prone to accidents during construction because of the tools around the house. 

Organise Your Schedule 

Contractors are flexible and can work around your schedule. However, you need to pick a time that is convenient for you. For instance, if you have kids, it is advantageous to have renovations when they are in school. If you have an upcoming event, you should hold off any remodelling until after the event. You need to visit the job site frequently to monitor progress. 

Communicate Effectively 

Renovations are hectic and can be frustrating. Therefore, communicate your worries and address problems as they occur. Contractors are experts at getting the job done. However, they won’t fulfill your hearts desires if you fail to air out your view. Honesty will work in your favour. Therefore, if you are unsatisfied with a design mention it and discuss viable options. 

Have a communication plan in place if you will be at the office during the remodelling. Let your team know how they can contact you for questions and clarifications. If it is by phone, include the appropriate time to call. Open communications channel is necessary for a successful renovation. 

You also need to inform your neighbours about your home renovation plans. Even if you don’t need their permission the noise from the demolition will affect them.  Set Ground Rules 

Set Ground Rules 

Have a team of construction workers can be chaotic. To make your life bearable, you need to set some ground rules. Let them know which rooms they can access. Show them where they can park their vehicles and store their equipment. With a lot of demolition going on waste can accumulate rapidly. Show the contractors where they can dispose of leftover concrete and other trash. Contractors are not liable for the breakdown of your equipment; therefore, store your appliances safely. You should also keep the hallways clear. 

Store Your Valuables Safely 

When a room is scheduled for renovation, store away as many items as possible. Your priority is to remove expensive and valuable items and store them in a safe. If you are planning a remodel for the whole house, consider taking your items to the local storage units. 

You should move large appliances like the refrigerator and furniture to another room or move it out of the way. If the large items are bulky, your contractor can help you move them at a fee. If the renovations don’t involve massive demolition, you can cover your furniture with clothing to protect it from dust. Remove wall hangings and pictures from the walls. 

How Do You Deal with Changes Arising During the Renovation? 

You may need to alter your initial design for a better one. However, beware that any changes you make affect your budget. Therefore, you need to minimise alterations to the original plan. Ensure the initial plan is detailed and covers each step in the renovation process. Taking time in planning will save you money and avoid delays. 

During renovation leave most of the work to the experts. Most contractors have experience in handling significant renovations, and you won’t have to worry about anything. If you prepare well home renovation yields excellent results.