Home Renovation - Make Your Home Look Bigger

Small spaces can be charming and adorable. However, they can be confining and crowded. If you are looking to sell your house, space is a deal breaker for most buyers. Therefore, how do you make your home look bigger and inviting? You probably think you need to break walls to get additional space. Well, that can be expensive and time-consuming. All you need to do is fool the eyes using simple designs to make your interior look spacious. Here are some home renovation tips that will create an illusion of a bigger room: 

  • Pay Attention to Lighting 

Adequate lighting opens up your house making it look spacious. The bright light from the sun makes the space airy and inviting. To use natural light you need to install large windows and keep them open to let in sunlight. You can use sheer drapes for privacy. They also let in enough sunlight to keep the room bright. If you have a fantastic view ditch the blinds entirely during the day. 

If you don’t have access to enough sunlight worry not, several fantastic lighting fixtures can brighten your home and give it a magical glow. Avoid overhead lights that concentrate the light in one area. Use lamps around the room for even distribution of light. 

  • De-Clutter Your Home 

A clean clutter free house looks spacious. If you can put unnecessary items away, your house will look tidy and organised. The idea is to keep your floor and walls clear. Remove that large old rag and keep accessories to a minimum. If you have pictures all over the house, it is time to take them out. Many photographs and overwhelming colours make the room feel crowded. 

  • Check Your Wall Colour 

We all know that painting your house in white is a quick way to brighten your house. Bright colours maximise the natural light in a room by reflecting light. Dark shades tend to make a place appear smaller. Painting is an economical home renovation that you can carry out alone. Therefore, you need to consult on the colours that will yield the desired results. 

If white isn’t your colour experiment with light shades of blue and green. Consider using different shades of the same colour to paint the wall, the trim, and the ceilings. The same applies to furniture, pick a tone that blends with the colour scheme of the house. A consistent colour expands a room and makes it airy. 

  • Custom Built-Ins and Shelving 

Did you know that custom built-ins expand your living space? Installing shelves along the wall creates an illusion of a larger area. Besides, you get more storage space. Painting the shelves in an identical colour makes the shelves appear further from the walls. Built-ins also make the ceiling seem higher. However, be careful not to fill up the shelves with clutter. The fewer items you keep on the shelves, the airier and open your home looks

  • Make Use of Mirrors 

Mirrors add depth to a small space. They also reflect natural light thereby making the interior of your home brighter and more prominent. For effective reflection of light, mirrors should be directly opposite a window. You can choose a large mirror or create a gallery wall using different sizes of mirrors. Mirrors are effective in eliminating shadows. If there are fewer windows in your house, position mirrors to mimic a window, and it will open up your space. 

  • Rearrange Your Furniture 

Spacing out furniture creates the illusion of a larger room. We often think that shoving furniture into the wall adds space. Well, it only makes the room look cramped. Having a little space between your furniture and the walls makes the room look spacious. 

Your furniture should not be a barrier when walking around your house. If you hit the sofa every time you walk into the room, you will feel claustrophobic. Ensure there is a clear path around your furniture to walk through. You can arrange your furniture into separate functional areas within the same room. For example, use a work desk to indicate a work area. Arrange your dining chairs around a table and away from the sofa. 

  • Hang Artwork on the Wall 

An attractive piece of artwork on the wall draws attention away from the small size of the room. You can hang pictures, but you need to combine them in a single gallery. Wall hangings are a great way to add a touch of your personality and style to your house. However, focus on a single wall to avoid crowding the room. 

  • Rethink Your Furniture 

Go for furniture with raised legs to give a sense of more floor space. See-through chairs and glass tables are also perfect for creating an illusion of additional space. Do you think small pieces of furniture are suitable for your interior? Well, they may look stylish, but you should consider getting a large sofa that fills up your sitting room. A large piece of furniture expands the interior of the house. 

Invest in multifunctional furniture. A piece of multi-purpose furniture often has seating, storage, and a table. They create additional space for keeping books, therefore, keeping your house tidy. 

  • Check Your Flooring 

Having multiple floor textures makes the room look disorganised and cluttered. Your renovation should include replacing your floors. To open up your space, you need to stick to one type of flooring throughout the room. You can use tiles, wood or a rug. If you don’t mind striped flooring go for it. It makes a room appear longer.

  • Choose Your Carpets Carefully

The perfect carpet enhances your space and blends with the rest of the furniture. Mats are also useful in creating functional zones within the same room. For a place to look spacious, you need to use a different rug for each piece of furniture. Using various patterns and similar colour as the furniture creates unity and opens up the room. 

When doing a home renovation, focus on one aspect of the house then move to the next. If you choose to paint the walls, minimise the accessories in the rest of the room. Doing too much at once will make your house overcrowded. Therefore, always keep your home simple yet elegant.