Project Management

At BIY.ie we have the experience and expertise to plan and execute your self build. We tailor a package to suit our clients’ needs from initially applying for planning permission (if required) right through to signing off on snag lists with sub-contractors. A key part of project management of a self-build is arranging materials that have a long lead time, like windows and doors, to lining up trades in the correct order. We develop this schedule for you, so your self build is managed in an efficient and cost effective manner. Efficiency: If you experience delays due to poor planning, your construction programme will be delayed. This has a knock-on effect. To avoid this, we put in place a realistic time frame for placing orders and trades to complete first and second fixes. The smooth flow of your-self build will be down to smart effective project management. Cost Efficiency: Almost every self-build is undertaken for the soul purpose of saving money. Initially, to project manage your-self build will seem like a great idea. You have watched all the TV shows and are now the expert. Wrong! Without the proper project management plan in place, your self build can spiral out of control. At BIY.ie, our project management plan will guide you through the correct steps.