When is the best time of year for home refurbishment?

Many clients ask us when is the best time to carry out their home refurbishment projects. The truth is that there is no right or wrong answer, especially as the weather in Ireland can be notoriously unpredictable. There are many reasons why one season might be better for one task than another - and many different factors come into play when deciding the optimal time for home renovation. Let's explore some of the things you should consider when choosing when to carry out your next home refurbishment project. 

Work which can begin in the winter months

Starting a house extension

It might sound surprising, but the cold winter months of January to March are actually a good time to dig solid foundations. Pouring concrete footers and laying solid foundations are best carried out when the ground is hard and frozen and the air is dry, rather than when everything is mild, muddy and soggy later in the year. Additionally, builders are more likely to get on with the project without delay as this is a quiet period for them. Getting this essential part of the project over and done with in the winter should also help the progress of the rest of the extension later in the year, which can be kept covered during wet periods. 

Making a new lawn

Mid-autumn onwards is also the best time to lay down new turf as long as the ground is not too frosty. 

Work which is easier in the spring and summer months

Exterior painting

The painting of external walls and windows is a task that is much quicker and easier in warm dry weather, purely because the paint dries at a faster rate, especially when the weather is not too humid and the average temperature is well above freezing. 

However, although the daylight hours are shorter, autumn can also be a good time and it can be easier to find contractors willing to take on the task as their busiest period is over. Although not ideal, it is possible to paint the exterior of a house in the cold winter months as long as the work is carried out in a dry week.

Things that can be done at the height of the summer

  • Roofing 
    A new roof is often best laid in the summer as hot temperatures are needed for the materials to properly seal. The months of June, July and August are ideal for internal projects such as a new kitchen or bathroom as many builders will be reluctant to endanger the safety of their workers during a heat wave. 
  • Laying brickwork 
    A dry spell in early summer is the best time to complete brickwork as high levels of dampness can have a negative impact on clay bricks, making them very tricky to lay.

Summer is also the time when many people book family holidays. Why not time a short-term refurbishment project to coincide with your holiday and avoid all the mess and disruption? 

Delaying until the autumn 
Spring is the most popular time of year for building projects to begin so prices of materials and labour are at a premium as everyone wants their home to be ready for the summer months. If you can wait until the autumn for a new patio or decking area, or a new conservatory, you may be able to pick up a bargain. As long as the ground is still soft enough for digging, the autumn is a prime time for outdoor construction projects. 

General concerns caused by predicted wet weather 

As a rule of thumb, remodeling can occur at any time of year. However, if the weather is wet, there will be additional problems and delays in completion are increasingly likely. 

You contractors and builders should reassure you by: 

  • Keeping the lines of communication open and letting you know about delays caused by bad weather. 
  • Being mindful of the need not to trail mud, dirt and water through the inside of your property. 

It's clear that pretty much any time of year is possible for a refurbishment project as long as the weather isn't too wet, and you can potentially save money and time by choosing for less popular season. If you would like more advice and assistance about when to commence your next project, contact us at BIY. We are an established construction consultancy business, providing professional services to people who want to manage the building project of their own home, extension and renovations. We aim to take the stress out of renovations, refurbishments and more and go the extra mile to deliver you a great result. Get in touch today to find out more.