Interior Design Trends For 2019

BIY.ie brings you the best in interior design trends for 2019

The key concepts for interior design trends in 2019 are strong, rich colours and sophisticated pastels. Can you mix and match them? Yes, you can! Look out for big themes, eye-catching detail on walls and, according to Forbes, focus on what brings you happiness. 

Here at BIY.ie, we agree. If you're planning or working on your self-build the best bit is finally seeing the interior design come together so your home expresses your personality, creating the perfect space for you and your family. Our specialist paint and interior design team has put together the latest word on the hot trends for 2019. Key themes include: 

  • High quality sustainable products made from recycled fabrics, glass and ocean plastics
  • Graphics, whether sharp and cool, or colourful, arty and streetwise, are going to be even bigger this year
  • Teal takes on a fresh mood as it works with the sophisticated new pastels 
  • Heritage plaids and tweeds in soft yellows, ochres and golds reflect our love of nature

Recycled products now lead the way in quality

In the past, using recycled items was often seen as worthy, but not necessarily stylish. The new generation of recycling changes all that, with luxurious fabrics such as silk taking on a second life as quality home furnishings. Natural fabrics and materials last well, never date and age beautifully. 

Dulux is also making a difference by using 25% recycled plastic for its paint cans and creating paint that goes further and is more durable, meaning lower cost for you and less cost to the environment. Recycled glass or plastic splashbacks and worktops add colour, are easy to maintain and look fabulous.

Use sophisticated pastels to create art deco style

Featuring strongly at leading interiors shows, the new pastels for 2019 are deceptively gentle yet breathtakingly sophisticated. The colours are a natural complement to the continuing metallic graphic theme in wallpapers. They’re also a superb match for stone, marble and natural tweed in oatmeals and greys. 

Eden Locke, Edimburgh, Source: https://www.italianbark.com/interior-color-trends-2019-pastel-interiors/

The pastel art deco look, using golds and bronzes in accessories and on geometric wallpapers, will continue to be popular. We also confidently predict the rise and unstoppable rise of pastel wall murals, with lilac leading the way. It's one of the most stunning interior design trends of 2019. 

What's the new deal with teal?

Colourwise, teal is back, but in a darker shade than its previous incarnation when it coordinated with bronzes, golds and browns. In 2019, it will be one of the perfect partners for the new blush pinks or mocha. Patterned wallpapers in teal are right on-trend, with the choice of geometrics, botanics or bird-themed leading the field.

Source: https://www.grahambrown.com/uk/wallpaper-of-the-year-2019.html

The key is to go bold, with strong accent walls in luscious and mysterious deep teal, rather than reverse teal as a pop of colour on cream or light grey. As an alternative to wallpaper, use paint to create your own unique look using this easy step-by-step video from Dulux. 

The look needs to be sumptuous and opulent. If you want it toning down, use cool creams for cushions and throws. For contrasting and coordinating fabrics that will bring out the best in moody, magnificent teal, velvet is first choice, whether for sofas or soft furnishings. 

Create your own coral island look

As an alternative to teal, consider the ocean-inspired deep inky blues that are also going to be big this year. Perfect with white, of course, and delicious with some of the very pale pinks that are this year’s favourite pastels. Blue is still in favour for kitchens and bathrooms but 2019 could be the year it seriously extends to living areas too. 

For a look that’s out of this world, try dark blues with pops of coral, Pantone's colour of the year for 2019. Alternatively, gold that echoes the colour of a sandy beach. Since flamingos are still on-trend, keep the tropical feel with this great value wallpaper in a blue that's close to teal. 

What's on the way?

Geometric wallpapers are taking an interesting new path with the return of the psychedelic wall. Not for the fainthearted, this is nonetheless a fantastic look for the right space. It's bold and beautiful, and, if you take the plunge, you'll find it surprisingly easy to live with, too. 

Giant blossoms are another wall trend that's here to stay, not to mention smaller floral groupings on dark backgrounds of plum, teal and blue. It's a bed linen trend that's adapted beautifully to walls as well. Again, we suggest you keep it rich, dark and opulent, but perhaps work in a little of the new pink or mocha here and there. 

With lots to look forward to design-wise in 2019, we hope that you're full of enthusiasm for a spring interiors upgrade. Contact our knowledgeable team to put some of these plans into action, or to discuss how to implement your own ideas. With years of experience and plenty of insider tips, our design team knows exactly how to make your house into your dream home.