10 Reasons to Add Wall Insulation to an Old House

Wall insulation comes with many benefits. It is important to know what type of walls your house has so that we can design the right insulation for you. In home construction, there are two types of walls: 

  • Solid wall – These are the type of walls used in many old houses constructed at the beginning of the last century. The walls are constructed using natural stones or solid bricks. 
  • Cavity wall – This is a type of wall that is made up of two separate walls, joined by wall ties with an air cavity between them. 

The following are the reasons why you should add wall insulation to your old house: 

1. Cost Benefit 

Insulation will lead to financial savings. The insulations are designed such that they keep the warmth inside. This means your house will be cooler during the summers and warmer during the winters.

A house with insulation can reduce heating and air conditioning cost by up to 40%, making your home more energy efficient. The overall cost in the short-term may be high, but the insulations are guaranteed to pay for themselves in the long term. The savings will be seen in the reduction of the monthly air conditioning bill.

2. Environment Benefits 

With the current threats posed by global warming and the numerous green initiatives that advocate for a reduction in carbon emissions, you should consider reducing your carbon footprint by using housing insulation.

The insulation reduces energy consumption by up to 40%.

Most power plants that produce electricity release carbon dioxide. Therefore, by consuming less energy, you reduce the carbon emission attributable to your house. This makes insulation one of the most efficient energy saving methods. 

3. Prevent Indoor Mould Growth 

Mould is certainly a big problem in the indoor environment and this is common with old houses. Moulds grow when supportive conditions like humidity, biodegradable material, and warmth are present.

Insulating walls is one of the most effective methods of managing indoor grown mould. If the insulation is properly installed, it will prevent the growth of mould by preventing the air from reaching the dew point temperature of the surrounding air. 

4. Prevent Rodents Infestation 

Small rodents have the tendency to get into houses through the attic or pipes and hide inside the walls of your house. This problem is extremely common if your house is not insulated and has cavity walls.

The rodents end up causing a lot of destruction. For example, they can chew through wiring, and this will cost a fortune to replace. This problem can be overcome by insulating your walls with spray foam insulation. This insulation is injected into the wall cavity and fills it all up. 

5. Availability of Government Grants 

If you are afraid of getting the insulation because you think it may be too expensive for you, then think again.

The governments in various countries have stepped in to enable its citizens to insulate their houses. In the United Kingdom, there are government grants available like the EOC government grant. Other places throughout Europe have similar schemes.

For example, Ireland has a similar programme under the name SEAI Better Energy Home Scheme.

If you are eligible for such insulation scheme grants, the government may provide funding towards the insulation of your home. In some special cases, the grants may cover up to 100% of your insulation costs. 

6. Reduction of Noise Levels 

If you have cavity walls, external noises are a common nuisance.

We have all had moments when we were trying to concentrate or sleep, but we could not since we are able to hear noises from the adjacent room. Having insulation installed can help with that.

The insulators are placed between the walls, and they will act as sound absorbers.

This will help to decrease noise levels from the outside or other rooms. That being said, not every type of insulator can act as sound absorbers. If you want to insulate and soundproof your house at the same time, ask our contractors for guidance.

7. Fire Retardant Quality 

Fires can lead to serious losses, and in some cases, they can have life-changing effects.

Generally, old buildings catch fires more than the newer buildings due to the construction materials used.

Some house insulation materials like cellulose are fire retardants. The retardant won’t stop the fire, but it will delay its progression into other rooms of the house. If a fire breaks out while you are inside the house, wall insulation will give you more time to escape and save a few precious items that may be stuck inside the house. 

8. Wall Insulation Prevent Smells 

We all hate to have smells in our houses, and those originating from your walls are usually the most irritating. If it happens that something does crawl inside the wall and dies, then it will cost a lot of money to take it out. Filling up the walls with insulators will reduce the possibility of things crawling into the walls and dying there. 

9. Makes the Home Comfortable 

After you’ve installed the wall insulations in your house, you will find that your house is more comfortable, even if you don’t turn on the air conditioner or the heater. 

10. Can Be Used for Pipe Insulation 

If you are carrying out a home renovation or you are building your home and you are planning to install insulators, you can choose to insulate your water pipes within your walls as this will reduce energy loss. 


If you are planning to get insulation for your old house then we recommend that you hire a professional construction service. You can take your time comparing the different types of insulation and their costs. If you want to experience all the benefits mentioned above and much more, contact us for the most affordable insulation services.

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